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City Farm Project Report – Week Eight

The City Farm video team is finally moving into the editing phase of production. I went to the farm with Sarah and Neicy over the weekend and we got lots of usable footage. We got Andy’s intro, some volunteers talking about the work they do, some exterior and landscape shots, and action shots of volunteers working. We each also posed as volunteers and said a few works about the importance of volunteering at City Farm to use as filler if the need arises during editing. Tonight in class we will log the footage and (depending on how long that takes) also begin editing. We will need to get a group member (we discussed Brad doing it with his made-for-radio voice) to record the voice-over parts as well. My only concern is having smooth editing sessions with so many people involved.

On the social media team we finalized our designs and fonts for the Facebook tabs . We considered using the burlap background that the signage team is using as well, but decided that we liked the clean look of the white background across all of our tabs. We are using the font Poplar for our headings, which the signage team is using as well and is the closest font we could find to the one used on the City Farm logo, and trusty Helvetica for the body text. I made the appropriate changes to the “Volunteer” tab design to match the others. The social media project, which I think is going the most smoothly, has not had a chance to meet as a whole in class yet. I’m really hoping our group can meet at some point to sit down and actually put the tabs up on the Facebook page and to discuss in more detail the guides that we will be giving to City Farm on social media tips and steps so they can maintain it after the project is over.  I believe two people have already volunteered to write up the guides, but think we should discuss together what to include.

This week is all about editing! My focus is to be involved in the editing process, although I understand the stress of too many people trying to edit at once. I may set up a time to come in during the week and work in Final Cut Pro myself to get a better understanding of it. I understand that in class only one person can be interacting with the program at a time.


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