The New Media Parlour

City Farm Project Report – Week Seven

Last week’s class, though a little chaotic, was very productive. I was able to get an overview of Final Cut Pro and some beginner training on the video editing process. I’m hoping that tonight’s class will give me more training and maybe even some hands-on time with the software (but with so many people that need to learn it, I’m not holding my breath on getting  in the driver’s seat). I also liked being a part of the tagline brainstorming process. It was fun, a good exercise, and we got some good ideas out of it. I’m looking forward to seeing what Andy has to say about our top picks.

My biggest worry is that the schedule for the video production is breaking down. We have already done some editing, some shooting, and some storyboarding, and have a few versions of the script. But I don’t feel like we are producing it in a clear timeline. We are supposed to come to class tonight with storyboard ideas based on the script we have and initial footage taken. Except that I don’t know what footage has been shot and what needs to be done still. I have a very rough storyboard idea to bring to class, but I felt like I was being held back in my creative process because there we so many unknowns about what we already have and need and don’t want. I hope that in class tonight we can get a final storyboard together that includes the footage already shot, see where the holes are in the storyboard, so we know what needs to be shot at tomorrow’s meeting at the farm. I know we are going to work on some more video editing tonight, but I’m not sure what we are editing when we don’t have a final storyboard or all the footage yet.

The social media group actually seems to be moving the most smoothly. We have posters for tabs to add to our Facebook page, we are getting quite a bit of activity on our Twitter page, and we are working on “how-to” guides for the various outlets so City Farm can continue to utilize the online community that we are building for them. I did the Facebook tab for interested volunteers. Once we finalize the fonts that we will all be using in our tabs, we can add those to the page to complete that step. I posted two interesting articles on community gardens to the twitter page and hope to post more this week.

Overall, I am anxious to get to class tonight so we can sort through some communication issues from last week and work hard to nail down our video production schedule. I’m hoping the social media group can meet quickly at the beginning of class (since there was no time last week) to finalize our font and add the tabs to the Facebook page together.


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