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City Farm Project report – Week Six

This week was very productive for the City Farm team. In class last week we were able to put together an initial storyboard and script for the video to show Andy. Brad showed the material to Andy and got some good feedback from him on additional points that need to be made in the video. Terry was able to work these points into the script. I, unfortunately, couldn’t make it to the farm again last weekend because of a pesky apartment move. But I look forward to seeing the initial footage they shot while onsite and pray that I don’t have an appointment to shampoo my cat next time the group is going to the farm so I can go also. So it’s good to see some production finally going on for the video. Hopefully tonight we can finalize the storyboard and script and shoot the footage we need this weekend. That way next week can be dedicated to editing. I would like to be able to sit it on, and help a little (don’t want to many cooks in the kitchen), with the editing process because that is one aspect of the class that I would like to learn more about, since I have no video production experience.

I moved from the signage team to the social media team because I think the social media aspect is one that will be good experience for my portfolio and what type of job I want to get. We are working hard to increase City Farm’s presence on Facebook and Twitter. We decided that initially, we should all have access to post on the Twitter page any relevant articles or organizations we should be following. There was some discussion about the varied tone of the tweets with 10 people posting, but we decided that if we want to get more follower, quantity of posts is slightly more important than quality. Nicole made a good point that only about 10% of your tweets will be seen my any one person and with 140 characters, it will be tough to notice a change in voice. I didn’t have as much time this week as I was hoping to look for good articles or events to post so my goal for this coming week is to contribute more to the content of the Facebook page and Twitter. I was excited to get some design experience in with the social media project as well. We decided on 4 additional tabs to add to the page (Volunteer, CSA, Green Box, and buyers). We each took a category and mocked up a page in Illustrator. I made a page for the information on volunteering at the farm. I hope that in class tonight we can all show our initial designs, get feedback, make changes if necessary, and have these posted in the next few days. I’m glad that I’m getting more experience in custom FB tabs, which will be a vital skill for future Facebook projects.

The one thing that seems to get a lot of interest when discussed, but hasn’t gotten off the ground is training on various software. I think this may need to be delegated to the professor, to put together workshops on CS, Final Cut, etc. We are all looking for the skills, but are all too busy with the projects to also try to put together and schedule workshops.   

Overall, I try to ignore the fact that we are halfway done with class without much solid deliverables for the client, but am very confident that we are all motivated to produce as many good, useful products for City Farm as possible and the next few weeks will be very productive for the team.


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