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“This is Fullerton” Video Editing Project

The most difficult part of this project has become how to post it. Because I use WordPress, which requires you to purchase an upgrade in order to upload video to your site, I decided to create a youtube account and use the embedding function to embed the video from Youtube to my WordPress blog. But youtube removed the audio from my file because it infringed on the copyright of the song. If I had more time, I would have fought the charge under fair use (for educational purposes). As a rough solution, I used my existing Blogger account to upload the video and linked to that post on my WordPress post.

“This is Fullerton” Video Editing Project

I enjoyed playing with the sequence of events in the video clips. I noticed that there were quite a few clips of Shaun opening and closing doors so I used that as a starting point to piece together a journey of him opening doors into different scenes and closing doors into others. I liked the audio snippet from one of the videos that recorded the CTA announcer saying “This is Fullerton”. I made it the first audio piece the viewer heard, not starting the song until after that. I had to watch the timing of the video to the second to know when I needed to start the song so that there was no overlapping or too much silence. I also wanted to cut out some of the beginning and end of the song to fit the video so I had to keep track of the length of video. I wanted to end the video with the shot of McGraw Hall and the CTA announcer saying “This is Fullerton” in the background. Neither Audacity not Windows Movie Maker has the capability (not that I could find anyways) to copy the audio from within a video to paste into another clip. I googled the function and came up with “audio extractor”. There are free software programs you can download online to do this. I didn’t have time to do this for this video but am glad I now know that that function is available.


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